You’ve got your amazing content and your entire team loves it. Now what? How do you actually get people watching it and sharing it? Well, that all comes down to distribution and we can help you with that!

Distribution of content on the right channels is essential for it to be successful. Owned, paid, and earned distribution channels each have their own pros and cons, but using the right balance of them all can propel your content to new heights, spreading your brand awareness and converting users at every stage of the marketing funnel.


Publishing your content across all your owned channels is probably the easiest way to distribute your content, and the one method that cannot be ignored. It includes every channel you own, like your website, PDFs, digital documents, email lists, ecommerce pages, apps, and more. These channels are the primary sources of information about your company and brand, so use every single one you can intelligently and with purpose.


Paid distribution, or paying money for the distribution of your video via advertising, has become almost essential to the successful marketing of any content. Because most sites don’t charge for the use of their services (think Facebook), charging for distribution has become their one way of earning money

But that’s OK! Even a small advertising budget can pay off big, and with the right balance of paid and non-paid distribution, your video can reach exactly the right people.


Earned distribution is one of the trickiest types of distribution due to its uncontrollable nature. Try as you may, earned media means you’re essentially leaving this distribution up to chance, though there are some definite efforts you can make to push the needle a little further in your favor. Since earned media is totally free to implement, it’s just a matter of putting in the effort and not being afraid to follow up.